Hi! Welcome to Ethnography Hangout, a place to talk about applied ethnography or whatever you call it (UX, design research, human-centric systems, not making stupid decisions). 
The Ethnography Matters, Anthrodesign, and EPIC teams have created a Slack channel for conversations about ethnographic-related matters in organizational settings.  
We've explicitly designed this community to be a space for a range of people who have a little to a lot of experience with ethnography. All sorts of people have joined from health professionals to journalists to management consults to interaction designers to professors to graduate students and developers. Regardless of everyone's background, we all share the common purpose of being effective and powerful advocates for building people-centric organizations, products, and services, thereby expanding the field of applied ethnography. 
We’ve just started this Slack out, so while we’re experimenting with different things, do tell us how we can make this a great community. 
And read our participation guidelines after signing up. It gives you very important instructions on what comes next!  bit.ly/ethnographyhangoutslack
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Here's the super easy to remember link to the guidelines: bit.ly/ethnographyhangoutslack
We will send you an invite within the next 1-5 days. We all manage this group on volunteer time so we are grateful for your patience in case the invite does take the full 5 days.
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